Posted 9/29/2019


Four of us had dinner at your Ironhorse grill and while the trip there was long, the food was excellent! My particular wife raved about her hamburger and said it was probably the best hamburger that she ever had! Even the roll the hamburger was on was above average and indicative of a top-caring chef. We were taken-aback to hear that you were planning to sell and that the deal fell through. For me, I agree with my wife that the food was excellent. What bothered me is the yearly fee but if your patrons choose to pay to eat there, all the better for you! Good luck to you. You have the talent to know what people want and like and especially with your cooking talents. I wish you deserved luck! I wish you were closer. 


Posted  4/24/2018:
Kim Knippel, Dedra Knippel

All, my wife and I stopped in last Sat. afternoon and had a great time talking with Paul and ended up getting a membership. The food and drinks were very good. Will be coming back.

Posted 12/27/2017
Timbo and Cindy Barnett

The Iron Horse Bar and Grill has become "our place." The drinks, appetizers, and service are always off the chain delicious and we are always treated like royalty. Thanks to the great staff for your great service and for making sure everyone feels welcomed and has a great time.  Bethkev
Thanks to Rick Riley for introducing us to the Iron Horse. We have brought friends and family also. Grrat food, nice place​


Posted 5/10/2017:

Elizabeth Halford
Thank you for having that :) Bringing a little slice of Boston to Beech Island SC means a lot! And your food is amazing and I love the vibe of your restaurant. Keep up the great work! You really have a little oasis here! A new fan! 


Posted 10/30/2016:
The first time that I had gone, I found it to be a splendid place with great food and a wonderful staff. The owners will make you feel very comfortable and the the atmosphere is great. It's so unbelievable that this place exist in Beech Island. Cudos to you all! 



Posted 10/30/2016:
This family oriented restaurant is amazing for family meals and is combined with a sports bar that is perfect for events or just a fun time with friends. The membership is Affordable. The food I'd give 5 stars. It's ultimately an upbeat classy Bar and Grill.  


Posted 2/21/2016
The new Black Bean Burger I had tonight was the BEST I have had anywhere...It has real beans and I had it with Lettuce, Tomato, Ghost Pepper cheese and Mayo on Chiabatta Bread....Wow! I ate the whole thing. PLEASE keep this on the menu!
Lila, Bett

Posted 8/27/2015
We love the Iron Horse and try to visit about once a week!!  The food is AWESOME and very reasonably priced.
We enjoy sharing it with our friends and family and no one is ever disappointed.
Katie, Mike and Paul are the BEST!!  Bryan and Debra really got it going on!
Gary and Annette

Posted 2/10/2014
Really enjoy your special dinners!
Hope LaRocque
Posted 10/29/2013
Once again we were at the Iron Horse for their Halloween party this past
Saturday night as it was my wife's birthday and we dressed up for the occasion.  As always we weren't disappointed.  Food and drink 
always the best and the music and dancing was wonderful.  Will always be members and still is the best restaurant and bar around.  The 
staff is the best always go out of their way to make sure that you are taken care of.  

Thanks to all of you!
Don and Melissa Castle
Posted 10/29/2013
Great food!!
Terry Padgett
Posted 10/7/2013
great food last night.  Kim had the crab legs and shrimp.  I had the Iron Horse Patty Melt and we also ordered a shrimp risotto (and took it 
in a carry out for home).  
Thanks, Rhett Sinclair.
Posted 9/28/2013
Your are the absolute best for quality food at a reasonable price point. Brian is a Master chef and a very competent owner. Your servers, 
Katie and Alyssa, are excellent and a big part of why we come back again and again and bring our friends. In short, we think you are 
Marc A. Bell
Posted  05/17/2013
My wife, myself and about 17 other people ate at your place Thursday night.  We met the new chef who was very personable.  I heard 
nothing but great remarks about the food and service.  Keep the updates coming and we'll show up in the GTO with other car geeks.
Bill & Penni Rouch

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